IT Security Service

Your data is your most valuable business asset. It is imperative that you keep it secure and protected at all times.

We work hard to provide you with the cost-effective, continuous protection and the deep security insight that you need to protect yourself. We do this by delivering security solutions that actively predict and identify potential vulnerabilities in what is a complex and evolving environment.
As the number and variety of threats to technology continues to grow, the requirement for up-to-date security infrastructure has grown as well.
It is unlikely that your business has the skilled security experts available to keep up and manage the right resources to address your security concerns.

Our experienced team will help you choose and integrate the security products, services, people, processes, strategies and tactics that are right for your business. We offer:

    IT Security audits and testing.
    Help with your security strategy.
    Security architecture and implementation help.
    IT compliance and security risk consultancy.
    Threat and vulnerability management.
    Incident management services.
    Security education and awareness training.
    Fully managed security services.

We work hard to deliver continuous protection and a consistent user experience across your diverse environments.

IT Security Service Benefits

Reduce your costs while at the same time enjoying a better security setup.
We will ensure that you get the most appropriate security infrastructure for your business, while also driving down your costs by providing you with access to a team of experts who would otherwise be cost prohibitive to employ directly.
Remain compliant in an ever-changing security landscape.
You may find regulatory and compliance requirements daunting to adhere to. We have the experience and the expertise to ensure that your IT Security platform remains compliant even as legal and industry requirements continue to change in order to meet the evolving security threat landscape.
Get access to a team of experts who are available to monitor your security 24x7x365.
Looking after your business's data is a full-time endeavour. By engaging with us, you could get the peace of mind knowing that your IT Security is being monitored 24x7x365, reducing the time to detect and respond to any threats.
Eliminate the administration and maintenance burdens associated with your IT Security.
Looking after your own IT Security in house can be complex, risky, resource-intensive and time-consuming. By engaging with a trusted IT Security partner with experience rolling our robust and secure technology platforms, you can focus on meeting more strategic needs of your business.
“I have the best IT partner. I have come to rely on Alltekk Global to clearly give me the information that I need to make informed decisions about my technology infrastructure.”
Rex Watson
“My Alltekk managing partner provides me with all the answers. I always feel that I am in safe hands”
Dean Casey
“Alltekk Global's ability to understand customers needs and their determination to succeed is just unmatchable. Also, their attention to detail and personalized guidance makes your work lot easier. Proud to have an association with Alltekk Global. Keep the good work.”
Barney Smith

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