IT Strategy and Advice

With the pace of change accelerating, you need an IT Strategy that aligns your technology with your specific business requirements.

Your IT both underpins everything that your business does, as well as provides you with a way of differentiating yourself in a competitive marketplace. It is therefore critical that your IT strategy is aligned to your business outcomes, otherwise the cost and risk to your business could be enormous.
We will thoroughly review your IT delivery and then create an appropriate roadmap for IT transformation in your business.
That will provide you with:

    An end-to-end review of your IT, including systems, management, security, applications, lifecycles, provisioning and users.
    A gap analysis, highlighting areas where IT could be improved to meet the needs of your business.
    A well defined roadmap, highlighting next steps, deliverables, timescales and priorities, as well as justifications for each activity.

IT Strategy and Advice Benefits

Improved decision making from your senior leadership
You and your leadership team will have a much better understanding of how technology can help enable your business and a much better appreciation of how important technology is to wider business goals. Additionally, it will help justify needed increases in budget or talent.
Increased IT department effectiveness
With a clear IT strategy, your IT department will be better able to anticipate resourcing needs, plan projects, select software and vendors and well as improve their budgeting. They will also be able to start envisaging how technology could better be used to help the business going forward.
Improved organisational performance and agility
You will find that, as a business, you are more aware of the strategic value of your data and information flows. This will help you run your operations more efficiently and will give you an improved competitive advantage, while helping get you out of a reactive pattern of responding to issues in an ad hoc way.
Operational efficiencies
Technology that is misaligned, out of date or no longer useful can be identified and retired. You can also standardise solutions across your business, allowing you to scale your operations with greater ease and ensuring that your entire team have access to the right tools to get the job done.
IT cost savings
By properly aligning your IT strategy with your business strategy, you will no longer have fragmented solutions that are difficult and costly to support. You will be able to standardise and consolidate systems across your business, which will result in IT cost savings.
Improved understanding and management of risk
By undertaking an IT strategy review, you will be forced to consider the effectiveness of your IT solutions against a diverse range of factors, including legal, compliance and regulatory factors. By improving visibility, you aid the ongoing management of risk within your business.
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Rex Watson
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Dean Casey
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Barney Smith

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