IT Supplier Management Service

By outsourcing your IT Supplier relationships, you can reduce costs, improve performance, reduce hassles and mitigate risk.

We will provide you with support and guidance, helping you evaluate your current relationship management practices, improve your supplier management process and help you find ways of effectively reducing your supplier numbers to provide you with additional economies of scale.

We will be your single point of contact for all things IT.

We will use our technical expertise and experience to help you get the best value from your IT Suppliers. It all forms part of our ambition to be your trusted IT Services partner, helping you meet your business goals by streamlining all elements of your IT platform, not just elements that we are responsible for.

By looking after all of your technology needs and liaising with your preferred 3rd party suppliers on your behalf, you will enjoy a much more seamless and less time-consuming experience.

IT Supplier Management Service Benefits

You know that all contracts with your suppliers support the needs of your business.
We use our industry experience and contacts to ensure quality of service, consistent delivery and value for money.
We can help you identify your requirements, evaluate new suppliers, engage with them, manage their performance and liaise with their support.
We take all of the hassle away from you by making recommendations based on your identified business needs and then fully manage your IT Supplier relationship going forward, saving you time and effort.
We relieve the pressure on you and your procurement function.
It is incredibly tough to manage supplier relationships. That often means that contract management and supplier management can be overlooked and neglected, which leads to delayed projects and general unhappiness. We have extensive experience working with a multitude of technology partners and their distribution functions and can take on your supplier management as part of a wider IT Partnership agreement.
Transparent and regular IT Supplier updates.
We will provide you with completely transparent and regular updates regarding your IT suppliers. We will also demonstrate continuous performance improvement throughout the term of your agreements.
“I have the best IT partner. I have come to rely on Alltekk Global to clearly give me the information that I need to make informed decisions about my technology infrastructure.”
Rex Watson
“My Alltekk managing partner provides me with all the answers. I always feel that I am in safe hands”
Dean Casey
“Alltekk Global's ability to understand customers needs and their determination to succeed is just unmatchable. Also, their attention to detail and personalized guidance makes your work lot easier. Proud to have an association with Alltekk Global. Keep the good work.”
Barney Smith

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